Scraps: “Thor: Ragnarok”


Director: Taika Waititi
Cinematographer: Javier Aguirresarobe

  • Very, very, very fun.
  • Definitely one of my favorite Marvel films ever, even though I hated Thor as a character and a premise.
  • Visually amazing – from the production design, to the cinematography, just a blast in all directions.
  • “Fun” but doesn’t feel tedious or tacky despite the over the top sensibilities.
  • The world building is ace.
  • The comedic beats are awkward, snappy and genuine in ways that humanized all the characters, even Cate Blancett’s deliciously villainous character, Hela.
  • Appreciated all the physical, vaudeville comedy.
  • All the acting was great! Except maybe Mark Ruffalo who seemed to have had way too much fun to care.

Scraps: “Force Majeure”

Director: Ruben Östlund
Cinematographer: Fredrik Wenzel

  • It’s getting kind of weird that I’ve unintentionally been seeing films that explore the toxicity and fragility of male masculinity.
  • Beautifully shot. The way the film looks help elevate the sense of discomfort and isolation.
  • Children are scary, but also realizing that you are stuck in a relationship and had built your entire structure of self-worth around an unreliable person is scarier.
  • This movie brings out a lot of droning anxieties around the prospect of a nuclear family.
  • A very dark movie in ways that get under your skin slowly, the fact that it’s very aesthetically pleasing really helps make it a little more terrifying.

Scraps: “Lady Bird”

Director: Greta Gerwig
Cinematographer: Sam Levy 

  • Went to see this without expectations, and was surprised at how lovely this film was.
  • Omg, Laurie Metcaif.
  • Took the feelings of its characters seriously, with some levity. It juggled ingenuity, bitterness and humor really well.
  • The scene where Danny cries holding Lady Bird after she took out the trash at the cafe is really great.
  • Really good cast in general.